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By Leslie Helakoski

Is your child ready for school? 

Help the children in your life prepare for success.

In Ready or Not, Woolbur Goes to School, Woolbur tackles       of the benchmarks used to determine kindergarten readiness and allays fears associated with attending school for the first time.

  1. Basic self-care. Child performs basic care like dressing himself, combing hair, and bathroom visits alone.

  2. Communication. Your child should be able to make himself understood with adults and peers.

  3. Recognition of letters and numbers. It’s not necessary to know the entire alphabet but children should recognize some letters and numbers up to 10.

  4. Fine and gross motor skills. Your child should have practice jumping and running, throwing a ball, and holding a pencil and scissors.

  5. Get along with peers. Be able to share and take turns.

  6. Adapt. Can your child adapt to new and unexpected events— like eating different foods, playing games with different rules and/or riding a bus?

  7. Orientation. Can your child tell if a book or painting is upside down or right side up?

  8. Shows an interest in learning. Will answer questions, participate in activities and listen to stories and songs.


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