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Woolbur’s Song                      (to accompany the book, Woolbur)



Wishy, wishy, washy                          (make scrubbing motions over body)

Scrub behind each ear.


Snippy, snippy, clippy,                       (make cutting motions over body)

Shearing woolies every year.


Combing, combing, carding,              (comb and smooth  over body)

Pulling tangles out.


Swirling, swirling, twirling,               (spin around and around)

Spinning yarn about


Dipping, dunking, dying,                    (bob hands up and down as if dipping fabric)

Coloring our yarn.


Clicking, clacking, needles,                (click pointer fingers together as if knitting)

Knitting sweaters in the barn.


We grow back our woolies                 (pretend to put on a sweater)

Every winter on the farm.


When the cold wind blows                  (Blow air)

They’ll keep us nice and warm.          (shiver and rub arms up and down)

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